It is a well known fact that the waters known by the names “World Famous North Drop” and the “Puerto Rican Trench” are some of the best sport fishing grounds on the planet!!!  The North Drop contains the second deepest ocean depth on the planet at 33,000 feet deep.  In fact, all Sport fisherman agree that from the June moon through October, these waters are the ‘Capital’ fishing grounds for the monster Atlantic Blue Marlin.   At just 11 miles away, Jost Van Dyke is the closest island to the “Corner”, where record after record has been set.  We fish the North Drop on a regular basis… whether on charter or not!  We take fishing seriously and catching fish even more seriously!!!  We use all the arrows in our quiver to come up with fish:  Surface trolling, controlled depth trolling, live bait fishing, chumming, chunking, bait casting, and throwing artificials into the bait balls, on spinning gear.  We normally fish for Mahi MahiWahooKingfishBlackfin TunaSkipjack TunaLittle TunnyBonito, and, our favorite, monster Yellowfin Tuna!!!  We can also devastate the “Fanatic Fisherman”  with the local art of night bottom fishing and deep water Grouper and Snapper fishing.  We use Shimano Tiagra 50W&30W and PENN International Gold Reels for Trolling…


Do you like to catch Tarpon?  Jost Van Dyke is a ‘sleeping giant’ when it comes to the illusive “Silver Kings”.  With massive schools of baitfish around the coast of JVD year round, we can put you on the Tarpon!!!  We routinely snorkel/dive the bait balls and that gives us a little advantage to say the least… for example: snorkeling 10 minutes in a school of bait and seeing only five Tarpon over 75 lbs is a really bad day.  Light tackle spinning gear is what we use: Shimano Spheros 5000FA, Penn 5500SS, Shimano Thunnus 16000… so you are sure to have your hands full and get a great fight every time you hook up. While casting for Tarpon we also catch Yellowtail Snapper, Bar Jacks, Palometa’s,  and Hardnose.  Bonefish, although not plentiful, are found in the flats off the East End ODF the island and Diamond Cay. When the bait moves a few hundred feet off the coast, we shoot for Bonitos, Skipjacks, Blackfin, and Little Tunnys, to keep the action going. We offer 2 hour and Half Day Inshore Sportfishing Excursions… and Fly-fisherman are WELCOME here!


Full Day Deep Sea Fishing Offshore $1495

Half Day Deep Sea Fishing Offshore $895

Half Day Inshore  Sport fishing (Spinning, Bottom Trolling) $695

2 hour Inshore or Trolling off Great Tobago banks $475

Prices for up to 4 people & include bait, tackle, refreshments, snacks and lunch for full days.

Each additional person: $75 full day, $50 half day

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