Reservation Policy

Reservations are held with cash, traveler’s checks, or a major credit card. We HIGHLY recommend making a reservation. Many tourists have spent a lot of money and their vacation time only to arrive on Jost and find that we have no space available for the week they are here.

We are a small business on a small island, we do not overbook, and we are the only company on Jost. Please make your reservations early. We are unable to reserve tours, excursions, or places on a boat until we receive the total trip’s fees in advance. Reservations are taken on a first come first served basis.

When you make a reservation with us, it’s a reservation. That means this is a contractual commitment between both yourself and our company. If you book a group, boat, eco-tour, scuba dive, fishing excursion, snorkeling trip, whatever, we will tell other people inquiring for your dates “no.” It’s 100% guaranteed. For that reason, if you cancel within seven days of your reserved date there is no refund.

In the event of bad weather we will cancel all dives/tours/activities, and, of course, there will no charge to you. You will be given the choice of rescheduling or a full refund. Our staff will determine when the weather prohibits a safe, enjoyable trip, and when those unfortunate days come upon us, we call them “RUM FRONTS.”

There’s no shortage of beach bars in Jost, so dive right in or just hit the beach! We give people great vacations for a living and with that in mind, if you can be a little flexible in your reserved dates, it will benefit you. King Neptune generally cooperates with us, but we reserve the right to play around ‘his’ schedule at times too.

The most common and easy way of reserving your tour(s) is by calling our office at 284.495.0271 and using your Visa or Master card. We do not feel comfortable in receiving your credit card numbers over the internet. It is simply a responsibility that we do not wish to accept. What we ask is that you call us at our office and then follow up with a short email stating that we have
permission to charge your card for “X” amount of dollars for your reservation/tour(s) and include in the email ONLY the last four digits of your credit card for our confirmation purposes. It’s that simple. You have a firm reservation and we will be waiting for you on Jost Van Dyke to show you the best day(s) of your vacation!

We are open 6 days a week and closed on Saturdays.

Please be advised that ‘Rentals,’ whether it be snorkel gear, scuba equipment, kayaks, surfboards, fishing equipment, dinghy’s, boats or cars all require a security deposit to be made on a major credit card when you are actually here on island. Depending on what you are reserving, deposits can be up to $3,500. We are in the business of making friends and repeat customers, so we don’t have any intention or desire to take any part of your deposit. However , we know that when you make a security deposit, you will take extra good care of our equipment and we sure do appreciate that! Jost Van Dyke is the “Gem of the Caribbean” and we look forward to making your vacation the best ever!

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