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The island of Jost Van Dyke, population 180, has long beenknown for its picturesque beachfront Caribbean villages and laid back, friendly locals.  Step back in time and experience the Caribbean

the way it used to be.  A ‘Rip Van Winkle’ just awakening from decades of sleep, Jost Van Dyke is one of nature’s unique little secrets. In fact, automobiles, roads, electricity and phone service have only been introduced in the last decade (late 1995) and Public Water Services finally arrived in White Bay this year (2006)!  Even so, this sparsely populated Caribbean island maintains its traditional West Indian atmosphere. On Jost Van Dyke, we consider two goats blocking the road a traffic jam!  Even today, stepping off the boat on Jost is like stepping back in time. JVD is also known by world travellers as “the Barefoot Island” because of the laid-back and casual lifestyle of the locals and the fact that we normally don’t wear shoes here!

Jost Van Dyke is an island unlike any other. We have no casinos, crime, poverty, unemployment, and no one asks you for money or tries to sell you anything. It’s a true Caribbean paradise. What we lack in population and “modern-life,” we make up for with resplendent living coral reefs, live music, culture, many outdoor, nature-based activities and World-class Scuba diving!  Resting in the hammocks, reading a good book and listening to the ocean is one popular option for tourists and locals alike.  No one is in a hurry on Jost Van Dyke… so take off your watch and enjoy island time!

Jost Van Dyke is a small, mountainous island of just four by two rugged miles. It rises out of the blue Caribbean Sea to 1054 feet and is surrounded by stunning coral reefs and beautiful white sand beaches. JVD is located just 3 miles from Tortola, 5 from St John, and 9 from St Thomas. There are 3 main villages on Jost: Great Harbour, White Bay, and Little Harbour.  In addition, there is the secluded Sandy Ground Estates property, a few families settled on the East End, and a new development called Diamond Cay Marina (even though it is actually on Jost Van Dyke‘s East End).

Great Harbour

Great Harbour is a classic beachside West Indian village lined with small beach bars, cafes, gift shops and coconut palms. The Main Street runs along the bay and is all sand just like it has been for centuries. This deep, protected harbour is a popular anchorage for the many sailboats that
stay on Jost Van Dyke overnight, for days, or even weeks. It is also the location of the Ferry dock, Customs, Immigration, the Post Office, and Jost Van Dyke Scuba & BVI Eco-tours dive shop, boutique, and Internet center.

Great Harbour is also well known as the home of Foxy’s Tamarind Bar — better known all around the World simply as “Foxy’s.” Foxy Callwood is one of the most famous Caribbean men ever born. Period. People come from all over the world to have a drink at Foxy’s and listen to the icon sing his Calypso ballads and tell jokes. And as a New York Post journalist once wrote, “There are only three places in the world to be on New Year’s Eve — Times Square New York, Trafalgar Square London, and Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke.”

Although Foxy’s hosts reggae musicians from all over the World for various festivals and their “Annual Wooden Boat Regatta,” on New Year’s Eve this small island is transformed into one of the best parties on the planet with the likes of 10,000 people and 600-700 yachts!  Hotel and villa reservations are taken years in advance!  Most people come to this event by sailboat or they ferry over for the festivities from St Thomas, St John, and Tortola. As far as Caribbean celebrations go, this one is the most unique among all the islands — a must do!

White Bay

White Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean! It makes the Top 10 or 20 beaches in the world every single year! Perhaps White Bay is most well known as the birthplace of the Soggy Dollar Bar’s “Painkiller” — an ‘addictive’ and deadly Rum, Coconut, and juice concoction that truly does kill the pain!  The Soggy Dollar Bar was voted the “#1 Beach Bar in the Caribbean” in 2006 by All At Sea Magazine, a prestigious honor.  They are located at the Sandcastle Resort right on the beach.  Also located in White Bay is Seddy’s “One Love.”  Seddy is Foxy‘s most talented son, a remarkable magician, fisherman, and one of the most fun guys to get to know on the island.

On the East side of White Bay is Ivan’s “Local Flavour and Stress Free Bar.”  Ivan is host and part of “The International Ever-Changing All Star Band,” where you never know who may be sitting in!  Kenny Chesney is a true regular and has even shot a #1 video at Ivan’s. Keith Richards is no stranger either and anyone that wants to jump in the nightly beach jams are welcome. Ivan also owns the White Bay Campground and has several beach bungalow cabins and a new two-bedroom deluxe apartment rental.  Ivan is one of the friendliest gentlemen on Earth and a “must-meet” gentleman Ambassador of Jost Van Dyke!  Ivan also has overnight Moorings available for rent to visiting yachtsmen.

White Bay Villas is considered the premier accommodation on our beautiful island, and with good reason — it is Paradise found!  Owner John Klein sailed into Jost Van Dyke more than 25 years ago while cruising around the Caribbean on his sailboat.  John found the end of the rainbow in White Bay and decided to call it home.  White Bay Villas has been a labor of love for John that started with building the Plantation Villa and actually cutting the road by hand from Great Harbour to White Bay so he could get materials to the site.  John has been a pioneer on Jost Van Dyke and is a well-respected businessman in both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.  John is still developing his resort with style and class as late 2006 will see the opening of four more exclusive villas within this large estate.  The landscaping is professional and ecologically diverse.  The villas are strategically placed to give all guests their privacy and million dollar views.  Customers returning year after year to White Bay Villas have to say something about the quality of their destination, “White bay Villas is our preferred accommodation on Jost Van Dyke!”  Contact Bonnie at

Little Harbour

Little Harbour is a very well protected harbour where the old wooden fishing and trading sloops used to careen their vessels to clean and scrape their hulls.  It has long been a destination for “Lobster Aficionados” as well.  All three of the West Indian restaurants in Little Harbour have perfected the art of taking Caribbean Spiny Lobsters straight from the water, to the kitchen, to your plate!

The Little Harbour Marina is the place to store your boat on a dock, take on water, or fuel.  Owner Gerald Chinnery is also a dependable taxi driver and rents cars.  They also have a self-service and/or drop off, full laundry service. 284.495.9835  or VHF16.  There are also Moorings available for yachts to rent scattered throughout Little Harbour — first come, first served.

More Jost facts:

Our island has a small population, but is visited by several hundred people a day, mostly from the charter sailboats anchored through our several harbours that help make the BVI the sailing capital of the world.  Overnight accommodations are limited and therefore our restaurants depend mostly on the yachting aficionados. However, there are a limited number of first class rental properties/villas, beachside bungalow cabins, smaller hotel facilities and campsites available.  Due to the fact that so many people are here just for a day sailing through, once the locals find out that you are staying on Jost, you’ll be treated like a long lost relative!

Jost Van Dyke may be the most interesting island to talk to the locals, who are even more friendly and easy-going than other places in the BVI. In this decidedly offbeat but friendly community made up of West Indians and expatriates of many countries, you’ll never have to look for a new local to meet to find yourself in interesting conversations.  We would truly love to have you stay with us on Jost and you will see, like so many before you, that you‘ll have many friends here after just one week!  If this island sounds like the type of place that suites your needs, let us know. We will do everything possible to make your stay a truly memorable adventure.  If you’re looking for a one of a kind tropical vacation experience, Jost Van Dyke is still frozen in time and waiting for you — 100% Pure Caribbean!

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