Virgin Gorda Eco-Adventure

Virgin Gorda Eco-Adventure

The Baths; Monkey Point, Guana Island; Diamond Reef, Great Camanoe; Marina Cay.


This trip will make your vacation!!!

The Baths: Visit what so many have called “The 8th Natural Wonder of the World“! Gigantic, monolithic, house sized boulders laying on top of one another form a huge series of spectacular pools and grottoes, creating an unforgettable setting. The white sand beaches, world class snorkeling, and amateur hiking through this BVI National Park make ‘The Baths’ a must see for any BVI vacation!!!

We like to run up the scenic and unspoiled North Shore of Tortola on this tour. We can stop to snorkel at ‘Monkey Point’, Guana Island, and also at the magnificent and always calm ‘Diamond Reef’, which is between Marina Cay and Great Camanoe island, and a brief pass through the infamous pirate haven Trellis Bay, on our way to beautiful Virgin Gorda. The entire day you will learn about where you are vacationing… The British Virgin Islands…we talk about the fish, turtles, and birds we pass, to the amazing history and legends that surround us. When we get to Virgin Gorda, we will take a slow, leisurely cruise for photos and to see the breathtaking views of ‘Valley Trunk Bay’ and ‘Spring Bay’, as the boulders get bigger and bigger as we approach the world famous ‘Baths’ and ‘Devil’s Bay’ white sand beach, in our most popular BVI National Park.

Lunch can be taken at the restaurant “Top of the Baths”. This is a fabulous destination nestled amongst the massive boulders with a spectacular view of VG and our Caribbean islands. They are known for serving delicious food from burgers to fine West Indian and seafood dishes. They also have a lovely swimming pool to keep you cool… it’s affordable, BEAUTIFUL, and first class! This restaurant is owned by the same family who owns Hendo’s Hideout on Jost.

Or your group may decide to eat on the small island of Marina Cay, which used to be the home of Pusser’s Rum. Our family actually had another dive center/surf shop on Marina Cay for ten years until Hurricane Irma destroyed everything on the Cay in 2017. Whether you eat at the Top of the Baths or Marina Cay, either place has awesome food and it’s own special and unique ambiance. You can also experience both destinations on this trip if you like and time permits. This is a super-fun day trip that many off our repeat customers do with us on every visit to JVD! Come enjoy with us and prepare to be amazed!!!!

If you want to share a trip with others, it’s only $165 per person EVERY TUESDAY by advanced reservation only. We need a minimum of 8 people for the trip to go out or you can choose to book a Private Charter any day of the week for only $1,325. Price includes all fuel, Captain’s fee, snorkel gear, bottled water, and innumerable world class memories!
Leaving at 9:00am from our surf shop Laid-Back Outfitters in Great Harbour and we can also pickup in Sopers Hole/Frenchman’s Cay Marina/West End, Tortola. Tour ends at 4pm.

Private Charter available any day by special reservation: Only $1,325


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