Dive Sites

Top 20 “MUST SEE” dive sites visited only by

Jost Van Dyke Scuba and BVI Eco-tours in the NW BVI‘s:

1. Pirate’s Purchase, Jost Van Dyke
2. The Playground , Green Cay
3. No Man’s Land, offshore site
4. Mercurious Rock, offshore cave system
5. Twin Towers, Pelican Cay/Little JVD
6. The Cathedral, Jost Van Dyke
7. Neptune’s Park, Little Tobago
8. The Pyramids, offshore site
9. Rainbow Reef, Jost Van Dyke
10. Coral Dome, Great Tobago
11. Tobago Canyons, Great Tobago
12. The Bull’s Eye, King Rock
13. Turtle Pass, Sandy Spit
14. North Point Grand Central Station, Great Tobago
15. Gardens of the Queen, Great Tobago
16.  Wayward Wall, Jost Van Dyke
17.  Nine-Finger Reef, Sandy Cay drop
18.  The Matrix, Jost Van Dyke
19.  Black Forest, Little JVD
20.  Fish Factory, Jost Van Dyke


Wayward Wall, Jost Van Dyke
This is a great site for new divers as well as for the more experienced divers that need a little refresher to get their confidence back up. This coral covered mini-wall is the perfect place to see over 40 different varieties of reef fish.  In fact, it is also a sight used by the BVI Fisheries & Conservation Department to tag endangered sea turtles! There are at least five resident turtles that call the this reef home, so the odds are GREAT for an encounter! No currents, deep drops, and protected in all weather conditions, the Wayward Wall is a easy relaxing dive that makes everyone smile. Maximum depth is 65 feet, but a majority of the diving we do here is in the 35-50 feet  range.

Stoney Bay / AKA Soft Coral Gardens, Jost Van Dyke
Just West of the Wayward Wall the drop levels out into a sloping reef. This site holds many grottos and ledges as well that are home to lobsters and crabs. Juvenile Reef fish are abundant on this site and passing Eagle Rays are usually seen cruising by!  A fun dive site that is considered Beginner Level. Maximum depth 45 feet.

No Man’s Land, offshore site
This is a series of offshore pinnacles in the open blue water west of Jost Van Dyke. Capt. Colin discovered these pinnacles and they are remarkably NOT on any nautical chart! Sharks are commonplace on this dive as well as a variety of other surprises! Advanced site. Max depth 90 ft done as a multi-level dive to extend bottom time.

The Cathedral, Jost Van Dyke
Imagine swimming through an underwater tunnel only to surface INSIDE of the island of Jost Van Dyke!!! The ceiling is 75 feet high inside this secret cave and you will find yourself right in a ‘National Geographic moment‘! This dive also encompasses painted corals walls as you swim through shallow canyons carved out of the rocks by millenia of sea. Vivid colors of sponges and soft coral adorn these painted walls. Schooling tarpon and over 90 species of fish have been recorded at this shallow water site. 45ft Max depth.

The Playground , Green Cay
Voted in 2004 as the number one ‘Big Animal Dive’ in the BVI by Sport Diver magazine! This is a National Park zone that is known to be one of the best dive sites in the BVI… without a doubt!  This Atlantic site is quite large and can actually be made into two separate dives. A knowledgeable Divemaster guide is necessary or you will not find the site from the buoy. Seamount style large boulders create the perfect environment for a large variety of diverse fish life. Excellent corals. Passing pelagics, Atlantic Manta Rays, and Spotted Eagle Rays are common.  70 ft max depth; however, most of the dive is 25-35 ft.

Mercurious Rock, offshore cave system
Considered one of the hardest to find sites in the BVI… we go right to it every time with no GPS!  Mercurious Rock is another open water dive and can only be done in good wind sea conditions. This seamount rises out of the depths and hosts a wonderful display of soft corals and several caves and caverns. Large groupers, hogfish snappers, lobsters, nurse sharks, and an unusual variety of invertebrates in the caves. Photographers and discriminating divers choose this site over and over again.  0 ft max depth.Twin Towers,Pelican Cay/Little JVDThe name of this site was established 20 years ago for the two monolithic sized boulders lying on the sand  bottom at 86 ft.  Magnificent dive where anything can swim by! During the winter we hear the songs of the Humpback Whales as they vinrate through our chests!  Wonderful corals and typically there are large schools of Silversides being patrolled by tarpon, jacks, cero’s, and yellowtail. 86 ft max depth done as a multi-level dive.

The Pyramids
Several “pyramid shaped” seamounts rise up from the depths on this dive. Action packed variety of marine life is guaranteed!  Hard and soft coral gardens are unlimited. Sea turtles, sharks, large schools of fish are common. Weather dependant site. 70 ft max as a first dive or 50 feet as a second/multi-level.

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