Learn to Dive


Have you ever thought about strapping on a mask and fins and taking a look at what’s down below???

School has never been so much fun!

Our team of experienced and friendly teaching professionals will work around your schedule to meet all your scuba training needs. Another world awaits you below the azure waves of the Caribbean. One of weightless beauty filled with warm clear water, beautiful reefs, colorful tropical fish and sea turtles. Wanting to experience the underwater world first-hand and FLY through it is the best reason to take the plunge and learn to dive. There is no better way to appreciate the splendor and diversity of mother ocean than to explore it on a SCUBA dive.

If you are comfortable in the water and a confident swimmer, you could enroll in a SCUBA course and learn all the skills necessary to dive safely. Our certified and fully licensed Scuba Diving School teaches courses from the PADI curriculum. All of our courses include all the equipment at no additional charge (SHERWOOD SCUBA gear, regulators, bcd, wetsuit, tanks, weights, fins, & mask). All courses can be taken in English Spanish and French. We are looking forward to the opportunity to instructing you in the extremely safe sport of SCUBA diving at a pace set personally for your comfort level.  We offer dozens of Certification Courses from Beginner to Divemaster and welcome you to explore within our site for more info. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that may help make planning your SCUBA vacation experience easier! Remember, a good diver is always learning!

The Caribbean is a great place to learn SCUBA diving!

Let us show you how!

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