Where do you dive on Jost Van Dyke?

We have over 40 dive sites that we’ve discovered within less than six miles of Great Harbour, JVD.  That includes the remote islands of Great and Little Tobago, Green Cay, Little JVD, Pelican Cay, Hans Lollick, Watson, King, and Mercurious Rocks, to the virgin North shores of Jost and Tortola. We also SCUBA various offshore seamounts, pinnacles and reefs.  Some sites are more weather dependant than others which is why we don’t run on a fixed dive site schedule.  Outside of the six miles, the number of dive sites is innumerable!

What does that mean to you?

Although the BVI has long been known as one of the World’s finest dive destinations, we are the only SCUBA business servicing our exclusive territory (the NW British Virgin Islands).  With only a handful of accommodations, no major hotels, and such a small population, dive operators in the BVI had long deemed this territory “unprofitable”.   The Bottom Line: These sites have NEVER been commercially dived and are far away from boat traffic; therefore, they are teeming with all varieties of fish and marine life on healthy, living coral reefs!

Why dive with Jost Van Dyke Scuba and BVI Eco-tours?

This is our backyard and we know every inch of it.  Our PADI Instructors and Divemasters will lead you on safe dive profiles to see sites that will make your vacation!  A trip with us is an educational experience and an Eco-tour too… we tell you about the fish and marine life, the flora and fauna, our weather cycles, the seabirds, animal migration patterns, as well as the history of the islands from Amer-Indians to present.

Why is there so much marine life around Jost Van Dyke?

At 11 miles away,  JVD is the closest island to “the Corner” of the World Famous North Drop, aka The Puerto Rican Trench.  The North Drop is well known to be one of the best sport fishing grounds for the prized Atlantic Blue Marlin as well as many other species, year after year!  The fact that it is the second deepest ocean depth in the World, at 33,000 feet, means there are plenty of baitfish and thriving marine life of all kinds close by all year long!!!   (We do offer Sport fishing trips… please inquire…)

Do you offer “BLUE-WATER” SCUBA diving? 

Yes.  To our knowledge we are the only SCUBA operation that goes offshore to do open ocean blue-water diving!!!  We go to several different banks very close to the North Drop.  We routinely chase large bait balls where we find truly National Geographic encounters: schooling Tunas, Sailfish, Kingfish, Dolphin, etc.  If this kind of extreme sport is what you are after, we recommend June-October as this type of diving is very weather dependant.

Do you offer wreck diving?

Because of it’s remote out-island location, we are the only company in the BVI to dive the wreck of the “Pirate’s Purchase”.    We also offer special trips to the historic wrecks of The R.M.S. Rhone, The Chikuzen, The WIT Shoal, Cooper Island’s Wreck Alley, and many others. Overnight Anegada trips combine diving the world-famous Horseshoe Reef  (over 300 documented wrecks) with exploring beautiful beaches like Loblolly Bay… we will even deep sea fish there and back if you like!

What other type of diving do you have other than reefs?

We consider our best dives to be our pinnacles and seamounts.  Wall diving, drift diving, canyons and extreme geological rock formations with caves round out our diversity!

Is there shore diving in Jost Van Dyke?

Yes.  There is a wall that runs the whole south shore of the island.  It drops from 20-25 feet to 60-70 feet.  Shore diving is easily accessible from White Bay and Little Harbour as well as a great selection of shallower reef dives.

How deep are the dives?

We have an many shallow water sites (15-40ft) as well as sites to the limit of recreational diving (132ft).  We consider the most popular sites in our area (NW BVI) to be in the 40-80 foot range… and our top 40 sites fall in those depths.

How far in advance should I make my reservations?

As soon as you decide you are coming to JVD!  We are a small business that specializes in personal service.  We do not overcrowd for money!  Just as the hotels, villas, and guesthouses in Jost have to say “NO” all the time to potential visitors… we do the same.  So communicate with us early and we will reserve the services as you desire.  (please see our ‘reservations policy‘)

Will I need a wetsuit?

Water temperature ranges from a high of 84 – 86 degrees in the summer to a low of 80 degrees in the winter. A 3mm shortie seems to work year round; however, most divers use no suit at all. We have 3mm Akona shorties if you feel like you need one.

What type of rental gear do you have?

Divers who do not bring their own equipment are supplied with top of the line Sherwood SCUBA gear at a flat rate of $15 per person.  We also rent the equipment too if you want to do some shore diving on your own.  We do prefer that our guests bring their own mask and fins as these are personal fit items.  If you want to purchase them here on Jost, check out the great selection of duty free gear in our dive shop or we’ll let you borrow a set if need be…

Can you rendez-vous with our charter sailboat?

Yes.  By advanced reservation, we can pick your divers up right off your boat if you are anchored in Sandy Cay, Sandy Spit, Diamond Cay,  Little Harbour, Great Harbour, or White Bay.  For groups of FOUR or more, we will also pick you up in Cane Garden Bay or West End/Soper’s Hole, Tortola.

What makes one Dive Destination better than another?

Most “Dive Destinations” are confined to one island and 10-30 Dive Operators all competing to scuba the same “tired” sites.  This translates to:  “Where’s the fish?” and  “Why is the coral all white?“  It doesn’t take a Marine Biology degree to understand that the reefs are subjected to too much pressure and activity.  This inevitably runs off the fish and also the corals will get damaged by some divers.  Other factors negatively effecting the coral reefs are contributed to  the dense population of some islands and subsequent erosion, sediments, pollutants, untreated waste water, to name a few. We do not have that issue in the out-islands of Jost Van Dyke.  We are the only operator here and our corals are in excellent health and waiting for you and your camera!

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