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Scuba Diving

We are pleased to share with you the fabulous diving, snorkeling and all the natural beauty of Jost Van Dyke and the BVI’s. There’s so much to see and do. If you are reading this, then you are one of the lucky ones that have choosen to stay at the magnificant “Escape Villa” in White Bay!

We are offering exclusive deals to you, that are not offered to anyone else. If you are staying at the Villa, your next move is to start making reservations for all your outdoor activities, and we are the premeir water sports center.


With us you can choose to snorkel or dive some of the most virgin sites far away from boat traffic… Angelfish Point, Twin Towers, Saddle Bay, North side Bay, West Point, and you can even swim through the Cathedral if you think you‘re ready. You can charter your own private boat with Captain for the day, or week!
Never Scuba Dived? how about taking a Discover Scuba course right on the beach, right in front of your Villa? Want to make your own schedule for touring Jost? let us supply you with a Dinghy or Whaler for the week! And of course you definatly want to have a few Stand Up Paddle boards availabe so you and your family can cruise around the reefs in White Bay! Lastly, we offer some incredible fishing packages such as deep sea and inshore fishing! never fished before, or want to teach the kids how to fish? we even offer Discover Fishing where we gaurentee you catch fish or we give all your money back!


Do not hesitate, we book up early so email us through this direct link and mention special offer for escape villa guests, or call today!




Professionalism – Legendary Service – World Class Dive Sites – Lifetime Friends
We cater to your experience level. Most dive operators put limitations on their entire boat of divers, treating them as an aggregate group and don’t respect or cater to your individual level of experience.WHY WORRY about time, depth and finding the boat when you really just want to enjoy our spectacular coral gardens and abundant marine life! Although we prefer to lead guided dives, qualified buddy teams and photographers are welcome to explore at their own pace. We respect experienced and advanced divers… many other dive operators will place an experienced diver with a beginner in an aggregate group… placing time and depth limitations on you… however, this is not our style. We offer you the choice of DIVING THE WAY YOU WANT, but we routinely lead dives for your added safety and enjoyment unless you indicate otherwise.

For beginner and intermediate divers, our experienced Instructor and Divemaster guides will be happy to buddy up with you to make your experience more comfortable and safe. Our staff gives thorough and in depth pre-dive briefings, sets up all of your equipment for your, changes tanks between dives, helps you feel comfortable with your equipment and questions, and assure that you dive at your experience level. They are there to make your dive safe and navigate you back to the boat, so you can just enjoy the scenery.

Our staff’s priority is to our customer’s comfort and safety. We choose to be wimps (warm, intelligent, mature, professionals). We will always do our best to give you an accurate accounting of the daily diving conditions prior to leaving the dock. Occasionally the wave heights become a bit more than some divers find enjoyable. In this event, customers will be given the option to cancel the days dive without charge or obligation. Our motto is “customer’s comfort and safety first“… and we want you to be happy!
Enjoy your favorite passed time, read a book, go for a hike, or take advantage of the numerous diversions the BVI can offer.

We at Jost Van Dyke Scuba look forward to making your diving vacation a fun and memorable experience that offers you the best of the BVI underwater! We specifically cater to individuals and small groups who are looking for personal attention as well as diving freedom. “Cattle boats”are not something you will find here at Jost Van Dyke Scuba, where we have made our considerable reputation by offering the level of personalized service often lost in today’s “cut and paste” world… no overcrowding… we lead small groups on personalized scuba excursions. We commonoly hear back from guests whom dived all over the BVI on their vacation, hat we were the “most professional” and had the “highest standard of service“. Our personalized service is just one of the qualities that attracts new guests and retains our numerous friends who return year after year to dive with us. Our service has been called “legendary”!!! We take great pride in trying to achieve this “legendary service” on every dive excursion!




Ever since you were a kid, you’ve wanted to try it!We’d love to show you what you’ve been missing!

Discover Scuba Diving Course (aka Resort Course) no previous experience required, INCLUDES ALL EQUIPMENT Private Classes are available by appointment
Jost Van Dyke SCUBA is a certified Scuba Diving School and fully licensed as a PADI Professional Dive Center. We have very experienced PADI SCUBA Instructors on island. Their pleasure is to introduce you to the underwater world at a slow, safe pace, that is set personally for your comfort level! 100% success comes from our tried and proved method… ‘baby steps’ This 2-3 hour “Resort Course” is taught in pool-like conditions, generally right in the corner of White Bay. After you have completed the lecture, equipment review, and learned some simple skills while breathing in 4 ft deep water, you are ready to go on a shallow scuba dive under the close supervision of your Instructor. This is generally described by our guests as: “THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!” or something like, “I CAN’T BELIEVE I WAITED THIS LONG TO TRY THIS!!!”. It will be our pleasure to share this experience with you too! You can continue to scuba dive with this temporary certification for two weeks with JVD Scuba & BVI Eco-Tours or any other PADI affiliated dive business. This experience can also be credited to your PADI Open Water Diver Certification… starting you on your way to becoming a certified diver! Ask for details.

We also offer PADI full certifications from Beginner/Open Water Diver Course, all the way up to Professional Divemaster and Assistant Instructor!

DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING right in front of the Escape Villa!!!

Regular Price:$120.00

Escape Villa Guests: $105.00 – Minimum of 2 students



Guided Two Tank Dives / two sites  $115.00

Guided One Tank Dive   $85.00

Scuba Equipment rental only $15 per day when diving with us!  Includes complete set of gear (except wetsuit).  The BVI’s best deal~!

Wetsuit rental $5 per day

Night Dive  (includes dive light)   $99.00

Bluewater/Open-Ocean Offshore Dives   $200.00  (inquire to availability)

Private SCUBA Services (VIP’s, Celebrities, Mega-Yachts)   $850 per half day

3 Days Out-Island Scuba Package (6 tanks/ 6 sites)       $320

5 Days Out-Island Scuba Package (10 tanks/10 sites)     $499

7 Days Out-Island Scuba Package (14 tanks/14 sites)     $645

10 Days Out-Island Scuba Package (20 tanks/ 20 sites)  $879


Prices shown are the regular prices, Escape Villa guests receive FREE wetsuits and 10% off the regular price!!!




Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke;

Dives at 9am & 2pm &  Flexible Dive Scheduling to meet your needs


Private Day Excursions with Captain


Your personal Eco-Tour – Explore all the BVI at your own pace.

This tour is personalized for discriminating individuals who want unique, memorable experiances off the beaten path. i.e. This is your private Charter and you call the shots! We go where you want to go and see the sites that interest you. We cater to your groups individual and particular desires exactly… giving you the dedicated attention to make this day the one that you will talk about for the rest of the year! The entire day you will learn about where you are vacationing… The British Virgin Islands… all about the fish, turtles, and birds we pass, to the amazing history and legends that surround us… this is not a water taxi…we pride ourselves in sharing these islands with you in a special and unforgettable way! Many people that wish to do several island tours during thier vacation choose this one excursion because they can combine many different itineraries all into the same day and see it all! Whether you want to snorkel 15 different sites, explore historic ruins, hike through natural eco-systems or any combination of adventures… this is the Eco-Tour for you! Contact us to explore the possibilities, review sample itineraries, or hear how our suggestions can blend with what you wouldl ike to do.

It is “your day” and you call the shots!

Regular price: $395.00 (up to 4 passengers, each additional passengers up to 10 is $50.00 p/p)

Escape Villa Guests: Book one day at the regular price and receive a second day at $350.00 plus one FREE additional passenger!

*trips do NOT include fuel


Eco-Tours & snorkeling


Jost Van Dyke By Sea

Visit Sandy Cay, Sandy Spit, Little JVD ,Green Cay, Diamond Cay and world famous White Bay

This is our most popular Eco-Tour. A little hiking, snorkeling, boat touring, bird watching… Learn about Jost, the BVI, our out-island eco-system, birds and marine life, flora and fauna…as we go to our first destination, Sandy Cay. This 14 acre island Nature Reserve, owned by the late Philanthropist, Laurance Rockerfeller, has a wonderful nature hike through a manicured botanical trail. Your guidewill introduce you to the incredible ecological diversity that makes this island so important to researchers and scientists alike. Next stop: the deserted, picturesque island od Sandy Spit… exactly what you came to the Caribbean to experiance! A few Coconut palms and Seagrape trees anchored on white sand and surrounded by a barrier reef. Exceptional snorkeling nearby! Green Cay: nesting and migratory Seabirds, snorkeling. Little Jost Van Dyke: history, secluded beaches, mangroves, and the virtually unknown “Blue Hole”. Snorkeling: National Park at Diamond Cay. Lunch: Foxy’s Taboo.  A short hike to the “Bubbly Pool” on JVD… one of the true natures wondersof the BVI: a crevice in the islands North shore breaks the incoming seas creating a natural jacuzzi and tidal pool that overflows with bubbles and froth (weather dependant). A leisurely boat cruise down the coast of Jost Van Dyke… one of the best places on the islands to spot Bottle Nose Dolphins… as we make our way towards Great Harbour and White Bay: some private time for you to experience Jost Van Dyke or, more snorkeling! BVI ECO-TOURS will amaze you with our spectacular out-islands!!!


Regular Price: $99.00 per person

Escape Villa Guests: $89.00 per person (minumum of 6 passangers)




Norman Island Snorkeling Safari

Norman Island, The Caves, the Indians, and Blackbeard’s Thatch Cays

By far the most popular tour for guests visiting the BVI! We start the day by visiting the Cays of Great Thatch, this was home for the infamous Pirate, Blackbeard and is now a National Park!. This first stop is a great way to get your “toe’s wet”, here you see hundreds of tropical fish,Turtles, and Sea Birds, the water is warm, calm and shallow.

Great Thatch is an uninhabited island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It is one of the western most islands in the Territory.

Although presently uninhabited, it was formerly occupied, and boasted a customs house and mail exchange where the mail would be delivered from Charlotte Amalie by skiff after the packet ships had called there.

There remains a significant ruin on the island, although it is extremely difficult to access as the paths are all heavily overgrown. At the property a significant civil disturbance occurred on the island in 1856 where local law enforcement officers were beaten in a smuggling dispute.

The island was formerly in private hands, but was repurchased by the Government of the Territory in September of 1997, and is now a national park.

Next we head off to Norman Island. On the way you get to see the beautiful south shores of Tortola and the north shores of St.Johns as we cruise thru the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Snorkel spot 2… the BVI’s most famous snorkel area “The Indians”! Here under water pinnacles rise up out of the ocean to create a magnificent natural reef. Here you can circumnavigate the Indians and see almost 400 species of fish and other forms of marine life.

After all the snorkeling, you most likely have worked up a appetite… good timing because the Bight of Norman Island is just  minutes away. Here we offer a stop for lunch at either Pirates on the beach, or the infamous “Willy T” floating restaurant.

After lunch we conclude the tour with snorkeling at the world famous “Treasure Island Caves”. It was here where Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote about Pirates chests of treasure being buried and hidden in these caves… it is reported that two of the three chests have since been found with one still yet to be located, so keep your eyes peeled!

This tour is excellent for Family’s and couples wanting something unique!


Regular Price: $99.00 per person

Escape Villa Guests: $89.00 per person (minumum of 6 passangers)




Virgin Gorda Eco-Adventure

The Baths, Spanish Town, Marina Cay, Monkey Point, Guana Island, Diamond Reef, Great Camanoe

There is so much to see on our way to the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda. We like to run the North Shore of Tortola making stops at Monkey Point (Guana Island), Marina Cay, the Camanoes, and a brief pass through infamous pirate haven, Trellis Bay! The entire day you will learn about where you are vacationing… The British Virgin Islands… all about the fish, turtles, and birds we pass, to the amazing history and legends that surround us.

Experience ‘The Baths’: Noted as one of the “7 Natural Wonders of the World“…fully guided (easy) hiking and swimming amongst and through the house size boulders that make the Baths a must see!!! This is World class snorkeling!!! Lunch can be taken at the ‘Top of the Baths’ on Virgin Gorda or at Pusser’s on Marina Cay. This excursion is a once in a lifetime adventure not to be missed.


Regular Price: $120.00 per person

Escape Villa Guests: $110.00 per person (minumum of 6 passangers)



2 Hour Snorkel Tour

Secrets of Jost Van Dyke:  Experience virgin sites that you can’t swim to from the shore in White Bay!  By boat, we can visit some areas for snorkeling that are off the beaten path.  Our professional guide will lead you through fabulous hard and soft coral gardens on living, pristine reefs… see a variety of marine life and fish!!! Your in the Caribbean now, let’s go island style… every day’s different and fun!   Snorkel in Paradise!


ONLY  $200. 



Snorkel Package Rentals

Jost Van Dyke Scuba offers Snorkel gear rentals for the day, or the week! While staying in the Escape Villait would be crazy not to have gear for the entire family or group! White bay offers some incredable snorkeling adventures, right from your front door!

Normal price: $15.00 per day.

Escape Villa price: $35.00 per week!!!


Dinghy Rentals & Boston Whaler Rentals

We have Caribe inflatable dinghies for rent that guests use to move around between the Harbours of Jost and also to get to the beautiful out-island beaches of Sandy Cay, Sandy Spit, and Little Jost Van Dyke. $100.00 per day includes fuel.

17 foot Boston Whaler “The Blue Shark” for rent at only $245 per day if you want to island hop on your own and have a little boating experience. Super fast and fuel efficient 4 stroke Suzuki 60hp engine.


Dinghie rental: $100.00 per day

Escape Villa price: $90.00 per day or $425.00 per week (Monday till Friday)


Whaler Rental: $245.00 per day

Escape Villa price: $210.00 per day or $850.00 per week (Monday till Friday)


Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s)


This is a wonderful way to smile and enjoy a “different perspective” as you paddle over the reefs!!! We rent the highest quality, most stable boards available, by the hour, the day, or by the week. They are SUPER-FUN and POPULAR!

Normal price: $20.00 per hour/$80.00 per day

Escape Villa price: $70.00 per day or $275.00 per week (Monday till Friday) BONUS – RECIEVE A SECOND SUP AT $200.00 PER WEEK

Fishing Charters


HALF AND FULL DAY TRIPS AVAILABLE… WITH OUR EXPERT BVI FISHERMEN… on professionally rigged Sport fishing vessels, fully documented and coast guard inspected.



It is a well known fact that the waters known by the names “World Famous North Drop” and the “Puerto Rican Trench” are some of the best sport fishing grounds on the planet!!!  The North Drop contains the second deepest ocean depth on the planet at 33,000 feet deep.  In fact, all Sport fisherman agree that from the June moon through October, these waters are the ‘Capital’ fishing grounds for the monster Atlantic Blue Marlin.   At just 11 miles away, Jost Van Dyke is the closest island to the “Corner”, where record after record has been set.  We Sportfish the North Drop on a regular basis… whether on charter or not!  We take fishing seriously and catching fish even more seriously!!!  We use all the arrows in our quiver to come up with fish:  Surface trolling, controlled depth trolling, live bait fishing, chumming, chunking, bait casting, and throwing artificials into the bait balls, on spinning gear.  We normally fish for Blue and White MarlinLongbilled SpearfishSailfishMahi MahiWahooKingfishShark,Blackfin TunaSkipjack TunaLittle TunnyBonito, and, our favorite, monster Yellowfin Tuna!!!  We can also devastate the “Fanatic Fisherman”  with the local art of night bottom fishing and deep water Grouper and Snapper fishing (where we’ve been known to hook up with SwordfishThresher and Mako Sharks).  We use PENN International Gold Reels and Penn Senators for Trolling… and you will catch fish!!!!!!!!!



Do you like to catch Tarpon?  Well, Jost Van Dyke is a ‘sleeping giant’ when it comes to these “Silver Kings”.  With massive schools of baitfish around the coast of JVD year round, we can put you on the Tarpon guaranteed!!!  We routinely snorkel/dive the bait balls and that gives us a little advantage to say the least… to snorkel for 10 minutes in a bait school and see only five Tarpon over 80 lbs is a really bad day.  Light tackle spinning gear is what we use:Shimano Spheros 5000FA, Penn 5500SS, Shimano Thunnus 16000… so you are sure to have your hands full and get a great fight every time you hook up. Shooting for the Tarpon we also catch Yellowtail Snapper, Koran, and Hardnose.  We also have some Bonefish and Snook in the flats off the East End to give the inshore Sport fisherman a full bag of fun!  When the bait moves a few hundred feet off the coast, we shoot for the Bonitos,SkipjacksBlackfin, and Little Tunnys, to keep the action going. We offer 2 hour and Half Day Inshore Sportfishing Excursions… and Fly-fisherman are WELCOME here!


Sportfishing Prices

Full Day Deep Sea Fishing Offshore        $1,495

Half Day Deep Sea Fishing Offshore        $895

Half Day Inshore Sport fishing (Spinning, Bottom, Trolling)       $695

2 hour INSHORE or Trolling off Great Tobago banks      $475

Prices for up to 4 people & include bait, tackle, refreshments, snacks and lunch for full days.   Each additional person: $75 full day, $50 half

*Discounts apply for more than one day of Sportfishing*

Prices shown above are the regular price

Escape Villa guests: receive 10% off all fishing charters!!!

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